You’re the one that I want…. from volunteers to interns we need your help… oh yes indeed!

Like all charities and not for profit organisations, Caudwell Children relies heavily on those who selflessly give their time for no financial reward.


Their passion and determination, to support a worthy cause, reflects the attitudes to be found in our enthusiastic team across the UK.

Whilst the lure to many of our volunteers is working for a cause related charity, that offers the opportunity to participate in hands on ‘coal face’ activities, such as Family and Hospital Support work, there are many other areas of our work that benefit from the commitment of a volunteer or intern.

The reality is that we have marketing, finance, income generation, fundraising, administration and I.T. functions that are desperate for volunteers.

The great thing about volunteering is that it doesn’t just benefit our charity. Individuals can expect to develop their skills and enjoy ‘on the job’ training, which is often transferable across all industries. So for those looking to kick-start their career, or who are simply looking to get themselves back into the workplace, volunteering may be just the thing they need.

From experiencing the true magic of supporting young children fighting life threatening conditions, on a dream holiday to Florida, to identifying new promotional opportunities that inform and inspire interest in Caudwell Children, we’re confident that we have something that will interest any prospective volunteer or intern.

Whilst we welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, we are particularly interested in increasing the number of over 50s that we work with. Good life skills will enable prospective volunteers to offer flexible, practical and emotional support to families at a time of crisis.

By committing two hours a week volunteers can provide: help in hospital; information about specialist services; signposting to support groups; help in finding accessible activities and respite; help in accessing equipment, treatment and therapy services and information about rare conditions. Importantly, volunteers can be someone who simply listens.

For some, volunteering is an opportunity to train themselves, improve their professional and personal confidence and develop their leadership, coaching and mentoring skills. For others it’s simply a way of using their invaluable experience to change the lives of disabled children.

Whatever their reason for getting involved, volunteers tell us it’s also a great way to form new social networks and have fun!

If you would like to volunteer for Caudwell Children, or would more like more information about our volunteering programmes, please contact our volunteering team on 01782 600 443 or email us here.


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